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Opportunities to compete for Scropton RDA Riders & Drivers

(January 26, 2017)


Opportunities to compete for Scropton RDA Riders & Drivers

For many of our RDA riders and drivers, the opportunity to take part in competitions provides goals to work towards, a chance to test their skills and occasions to enjoy. 

We’d like as many riders and drivers to benefit from these opportunities as possible, and so thought it would be useful to let everyone know what is available: 

Scropton RDA Occasional Competitions: During the school holidays we run extra riding/driving events and some of these will be competitions. These are a great opportunity to give competing a go. They are usually fairly informal and cater for a wide range of abilities, giving everyone a chance to try their hand at competing.

Scropton RDA End of Summer Show: At the end of the school summer holidays we will again be holding a show here at the centre, with various different classes providing riders of all levels and abilities with the chance to compete. This is a bigger slightly more formal event than the occasional competitions, and provides a great competing experience.

RDA Regional Countryside Challenge Competition: This annual competition is aimed at riders who can ride independently and show good control of their pony whilst completing a variety of obstacles. The course can be completed in walk only or in walk and trot. Although the course can be completed on a lead rein, this is for safety and confidence as riders must be able to perform all the tasks independently. This regional competition can lead to qualification for the RDA National Championships. This competition is held in May and is sometimes held at Scropton RDA or may be held at another riding venue in our RDA region.

RDA Regional Dressage Competition: For this annual competition riders must be riding off the lead rein and able to show a good partnership with their horse/pony. The tests require good use of riding aids and accuracy of movements. The level of the test riders must perform will depend on the riders disability. For more capable riders with a physical disability a classification assessment may be required to assess their dressage grade. This regional competition can lead to qualification for the RDA National Championships. This competition is held in May and is usually held at another riding venue in our RDA region.

Special Olympics Competitions: Special Olympics is a multi sport international organisation for athletes with learning disability. Equestrian is one of the sports involved, and our Special Olympics region run two regional competitions each year. These are held in the spring and autumn, and usually take place here at Scropton. Riders wanting to take part have to register with Special Olympics and must meet their criteria for having a learning disability. More information is available from the office about this, but in summary a rider must  show ‘a condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind, which is characterized by impairment of skills manifested during the developmental period, which contribute to the overall level of intelligence, i.e. cognitive, language, motor and social abilities’ - Riders take part in both Dressage and either Working Trails (ridden obstacle course) or Prix Caprilli (riding test including jumping). Riders can choose whether to compete in walk only (on or off lead rein), walk & trot or walk, trot & canter. This makes the competition very accessible to riders with a wide range of abilities. Special Olympics also hold a National Competition every 4 years to which a small team from the region is selected by invitation. 

The events we hold here within the centre are run at a price comparable to our normal activities. There is no strict dress code although riders are encouraged to dress smartly, and in Scropton or competition clothing if possible.

RDA Regional events have entry fees per class which are set by these organisations. In addition to this Scropton RDA has to provide a horse, appropriate support and sometimes travel to the venue. Riders are expected to dress to a specific dress code which will depend on the competition type. For this reason, riders taking part in these competitions will usually be asked to make a financial contribution to the cost of competing.

We are also looking for other opportunities for riders / drivers to take part in events of different types, depending on what demand there is. We will try and help as many rider / drivers as possible get involved in competing if they want to, but some competitions only allow limited numbers.

In order to help us plan what we are doing for the coming year we would really like to know how many riders / drivers are interested in competing, and which competitions they are interested in getting involved with. Can you please help us with this by download the attached questionnaire or ask for a copy in the office.

RDA Competitions 2017 Interest Form

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